"Scheduled events are subject to change without prior notice. Indicated start time maybe adjusted depending on the actual number of fights on the day of derby."
Fastest Kill
Thursday - October 23, 2014 (10:00 am)
More than 50 FIGHTS expected. Estimated start 10-11am
Calaca Cockpit
2 - Cock 2 - Hits Ulutan
Thursday - October 23, 2014 (12:30 pm)
More than 60 FIGHTS expected. Estimated start time 12:30pm - 1:30 pm
San Pedro Coliseum
San Pedro, Laguna
6-Stag Derby
Thursday - October 23, 2014 (05:00 pm)
Skylarks 1st Annual Stagfest, 3-Stag Elimination. P2 Million Guaranteed prize plus 1-Brand new Nissan Navarra. Pot money P7,700 Min.Bet P5,500. More than 50 FIGHTS expected. Estimated start 5 - 6 pm
Binan Cockpit Arena
Binan, Laguna
2 - Cock 2 - Hits Ulutan
Friday - October 24, 2014 (12:30 pm)
More than 60 FIGHTS expected. Estimated start 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
San Pedro Coliseum
San Pedro, Laguna
2 - Cock 2 - Hits Ulutan
Saturday - October 25, 2014 (11:30 pm)
More than 60 FIGHTS expected. Estimated start 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
San Pedro Coliseum
San Pedro, Laguna



By clicking Sign Up, you are bound to the rules and regulations of SABONGCH.


1. Cancellations of Placed Points

You may only cancel you that points that you placed if the status of the fight is “gaming is open” and your points have not been matched. It is unmatched yet if there is no points placed on the opposite side. However, in cases where only a portion of your points has been matched, you may cancel the unmatched portion of your placed points.
Matching of points is on a first to place points, first to be matched basis. The system detects the time of request automatically once the request is made and it queues a placing of points request depending on which request gets to its server first.

2. Processing of Placed Points

All placed points will be processed once the game status shows “betting is closed”. The system will automatically return all unmatched points to your wallet..

3. Cancellation of Fights

A fight will only be cancelled if (1) One or both of the opposing roosters we're brought down from the pit or (2) If the fight status says “gaming is open” , there is a video interruption and it does not resume at that time that the scabbard is being removed, and if the game administrator did not get to change the fight status to “gaming is closed” before the actual fight in the arena started.
However, if the fight status was changed to “gaming is closed” and then the video goes out, all matched points will still hold and the game admin would declare the winner based on the result in the arena.

4. Computation of Winnings

The system automatically computes the winnings based on the odds you chose less 10% of your winnings.
Example if you placed points on the WALA side in the odds of 8-10 in the amount of 10 points. If WALA wins, your account will be added 10 plus 11.25 points ( (10*10)/8-10%=11.25) .

5. Minimum Amount of Chips to view the Games

Generally, a minimum of 200 points in your account is needed in order for you to log-in the gaming console. However, management reserves the right to increase or decrease this requirement as it deems necessary.

1. How do I create an account?
Creation of account is a two steps process. First you need to fill-in your basic information and your valid email address and you need to check your email account to check our generated ACTIVATION CODE to validate your registration. Second, is you need to login and complete all required information and paste your ACTIVATION CODE.

2. I already registered an ACCOUNT, but still I can't login. What should I do?
The system will send you an email if your account has been successfully registered in the system. However, if you did not received email notification upon your initial step of registration. Please contact our Customer Support Representatives.

3. How do I load points to my account to join the game?
Loadiing points to your account is easy, just go to your Players Dashboard and select "CREDITS". Select LOADING and choose from several methods listed on the drop-down menu. Our CSR will automatically be notified of your request and will contact you via PRVATE MESSAGES available in the SYSTEM

4. HOw much do I need to be able to play?
You need at least 200 points/credits to enter in the gaming Arena.

5. How do I join in the game?
Just make sure you have enought points requires by the system, click the available ARENA to enter in gaming console. To bet, just follow these steps:
a. Select ODDs directly inline with MERON or WALA column and press "BET" icon
b. After pressiing "BET" icon, you will be prompted to place points or BET amount, you need to initially place 200 points then add-up for later on in the process of gaming. You may choose specific amount or use our ALL-IN BET icon to place all your remaining credits.
c. During the fights, you may navigate between MENU TABS, MY BETS, ALL BETS, HISTORY LOGS and FIGHT RESULTS.

6. What will happen to my points if the game is cancelled or the result is a draw?
Fights declared as cancelled or draw will prompt our system to credit back to your account your placed points. You may also view this in the activity board.

7. The video keeps on stopping. What should I do?
Please click on the refresh tab on your console. As a reminder, our recommended internet speed is at least 1.5Mbps. You may also want to check if there are other people using your internet connection as multiple users on one internet line affect the speed.

9. I hear the audio in the arena but I do not see the video feed. What should I do?
Please make sure that you have installed the latest flash player in your computer or laptop. You may contact our customer service group if the problem still persists.

10. I can no longer remember my username and/or password, how can i access my account?
You just need to do "FORGOT PASSWORD" process available in the main page.

11. Am I allowed to have multiple accounts?
NO, you may not. In cases where every step has been exhausted and yet you still cannot access your account, you may be able to create a new account but your old account will be disabled.

12. Can I withdraw my winnings anytime?
Yes, all you need to do is send a request through your console and the Customer Service Group will process it once approved. Your winning points will be sent to you within 1-2 Philippine business days. Any request that has been made before 12am - 9am will have the same day of request as it’s day one provided the day of request is a Philippine business day. Requests made from 9:01am - 11:59pm  will have the next Philippine business day following the date of request as it’s day one.
All withdrawals should be above 5000 points and in increments of 200 points.

PLEASE BE ADVISED that your FIRST WITHDRAWAL will only be sent to the name and address that is registered when your account was created.

13. Can I transfer my points to a different username different from mine?

Yes you may do so, however please be advised that the minimum number of points that can be transferred is 5000 points. Just do the following steps:
1. Request for CREDIT WITHRAWALS and make a note that its for TRANFER to another players username.
2. Destination of funds should request for LOADING and make a note the loading will come from another player
3. CSR will process both request upon verification.